Monday, February 1, 2016

The Murder of Robert Finicum

Local, State and Federal Officials will be charged With the murder of American Citizen Robert Finicum.

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends. John 15:13

UPDATE: We now know that at the initial stop Robert Finicum was being told to get out of the vehicle and as he looked out of the window of his vehicle he was shot at. He then told the others in the vehicle that they were out to kill them. So he took off hoping to make it to the Sheriff of the county, but encountered a road block. The road block was on a sharp curve and he went into the snow embankment to avoid hitting the road block and a spike strip. He exited the vehicle with his hands in the air. He was not reaching for a gun in a pocket, he was shot and his hand went down to the wound as a pain reflex and they continued to shoot him. Each and every person involved in the assassination of Robert Finicum, both federal and local WILL BE CHARGED WITH MURDER.

It is manslaughter to kill a man who does not have a gun in his hand pointed at a police officer. To shoot someone reaching into a pocket possibly for an ID or in LaVoys case a copy of his Constitutional Bill of Rights which he carries IS murder. (See UPDATE above for the reason his hand went down)

Me speaking as an ex-fire fighter in rural areas, if the Hammonds were attempting to do a controlled burn which many ranches do for brush and weed control, and it got out of control and burned adjacent property, that is NOT arson. It was an accidental situation that results in a fine.

To attempt to send a rancher to prison for an accidental burn is a tactic that a tyrant uses to destroy classes within society who usually vote against that tyrants political party and to steal property as part of a settlement which is what they made the patriarc sign.

The regime ambushed, jailed protesters and murdered a rancher from Arizona all who were presenting a grievance against the government. When the protesters began to successfully convince locals that their grievances were valid and were headed to another meeting with local citizens, the regimes assassin s ambushed the protesters to silence them. That is communism.

In the past one could contact an FBI agent with a phone call. Now you cannot do so. Now you get call center "operators" who demand you answer guest ions before you can speak to anyone. The regime is putting a wall between we the people and federal agents. That is so the agents only get input from the regime and not from the people.