Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Message to Islamic Savages, Tyrants, Third World Socialist Apparatchics

They are all the same. There is not one dimes difference between one or the other.

They are all Godless barbarians.

They disdain free people and strive to get into positions of power in order to conquer and destroy freedom.

They attempt to lay claim to what they could never build. Everything they touch ends in ruin, whether it is Damascus or Detroit. They at times turn on each other like a pack of wild animals such as the shia vs the sunni vs isis vs anyone and everyone.

The presence of light and righteousness is an affront to darkness. Light is understanding and life, darkness is ignorance and death.

Tyranny has entered the capital in the belly of a Trojan Horse, has opened the gates of the fort for all the wild beasts and marauders to come and plunder, rape and murder the people.

The forces of the dark ages say "Go Forth" but we will also say "Go Forth" to the people of virtue who must be zealous for life, liberty, and are the true light that destroys the bacteria and disease that seeks death and destruction.

Come this 4th of July 2015 a great day of the Lord let us show the world a resolve not seen in some time that we the American people demand no less than Life, Liberty and Freedom.