Saturday, December 7, 2013

Texas Night Sounds At the Ranch

Night time on a ranch way out in the back country of central and west Texas is a combination of deep darkness and at times deafening silence.

Occasionally during the night from about 10 pm until 3 am you will have a Mocking Bird singing all night. Drives the barn cats crazy. People say, what are barn cats. In large barns full of hay and feed, mice can populate rapidly eating up everything in sight. So you introduce cats as residents of the barns and the mice population diminishes rapidly. But if that is the environment they have known since being kittens, never let them in the house. They are as wild as bobcats.

Also, off in the distance as packs of Coyotes move through you will get this calamity of howls, the craziness of their howls make you wonder if they are insane: (for a little fun, if you have dogs in the area, turn up the volume and enjoy how they react)

During the winter in the coldest part of the night horse hoofs are heard thundering the ground as they run to warm their bodies against the cold. Of course cattle will moo especially if something alarms them. The same for the ranch dog.