Wednesday, February 27, 2013

National Guard vs DHS - Articles of Impeachment

It is now my understanding that the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) is releasing 10,000 illegals who are classified as criminals back into society. DHS established very recently, in 2001, is clearly now being groomed and used as Obama's personal brigade to punish America domestically when things don't go his way politically.

State Governors have the power to call up their units of the National Guard. It is their responsibility to therefore call up their units to:
1) Apprehend individuals in this country illegally starting with those just released by the DHS who are known criminals.
2) Articles of Impeachment are to be authored and filed against this President.
3) Eric Holder arrested and prosecuted for Accessory to Murder for the murders of Border Patrol agents at the hands of Cartel hit men who were supplied those weapons by Eric Holder
4) DHS disbanded and ICE and the Border Patrol placed back under the Justice department.