Sunday, January 6, 2013

Arrest The Liberal Politicians Responsible For Domestic Kill Boxes

Mandated gun free zones such as the Aurora Theater and Newtown School massacres are the work of liberal politicians.  They should be arrested and prosecuted for attempting to eliminate the American people's Constitutional right to defend themselves against such Murder/Suicide madness.

Instead, with the help of complicit MSM (Main Stream Media), aka OPM (Obama Propaganda Machine), they are trying to cover up their mistakes by going on the offensive against Americans in general attempting to create more kill boxes throughout the US with Federal level anti-constitutional mandates regarding arms.

Below are a couple of useful links from Texas that helps to train and prepare for countering such evil.  Evil chose to avoid the kind of people below when evil selected a gun free theator and a school that was also a gun free zone, both in lock step with the liberal politicians deadly and disastrous policies that have left our young people and even small innocent children at the mercy of Mass Murder/Suicide rampages.

The first video consists of several practice drills for men and women called Shooting Under Stress:

I also recommend for ladies, ladies only gun clubs such as the internationally famous Dallas Divas gun club unique gun handling practices specific to the needs of women in society.