Tuesday, September 18, 2012

That Girl in Texas

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

They Are Not Going to Take The Ranch Are They Pa?!

"You didn't build that." Barack Hussein Obama

“The first thing that we have to be aware of, they want to create a problem with the fuel,” Lara explained. “When we don’t have oil to run, we don’t have gas to go places, we are right there. There’s not much we can do, and if you don’t have gas to go places, and if you don’t have food to eat, what else can you do.


If Obama somehow retains the executive branch, Lara believes the next move in the process of a Communist overthrow of Washington will come from increasing the number of Americans dependent upon food. Today, 46 million American receive food stamps from Washington, but complete control of the farms is the next step in the Communist playbook for non-violent political control. More Americans must be dependent upon government for their food, according to Lara.

“They’ve been buying farms. The agriculture industry is almost eliminated,” he said. “If you watch very close, they are deteriorating, dying; they don’t have enough money, so many laws, so many stuff that will drive the farm industry out of business.

“That’s how they control the masses. Let me tell you, when you don’t have gas, your only means of transportation is a bike, and you have to pay for the food, you are in their hands. Complete.”

Julio Lara - Former Officer Under Castro’s right-hand man Che Guevara of Cuba.

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