Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Real One Percent

Making it in life is simple. "If you have two good hands, you can stand on your own two feet."

Pulled up to a gas pump recently in a big city and noticed someone had stuck a small sticker on it about "the 1% vs the 99%". So I decided to research what that was all about and found that it seems the American Nazi Party is trying to start something called "class warfare". Of course there is no such thing as "we are the 99% and they are the 1%". Only mindless, gullible dead beats would follow that stuff. Logic tells me if that were true, you better not mess with the 1%, because if all the power and riches belonged to so few, they must have something mighty powerful up their sleeves. Something powerful enough to allow them to take the "herd" either to a green lush pasture, or to a slaughter house. I am beginning to believe the herd of people who buy into stuff like that are getting larger in this once great nation.

In that herd that believes this, the one percent is clearly the corrupt Obama Regime, trying to ride herd over the mindless so called "sheeple" of the left. I suggest that group had better wake up.