Saturday, August 13, 2011

Governor Rick Perry Makes Formal Announcement

Rick made a formal announcement today regarding his intentions to run for the Presidency, after Texas, under his Governorship created almost 800,000 jobs. The Entitlement Dem's are now running around saying two things: 1) Oil industry (which by the way the Dems Environmental Wacko EPA people are trying to shut down) created those jobs 2) The jobs are low wage jobs. Which means the Dems are want to encourage people to be dependent on their paltry unemployment checks and food stamps rather than work.

The Dem's stimulus did not put people to work. So now they are into bashing and nit-picking those who know how to put people to work. But until the Dem's big spending leader decides to get off the golf course and go to work in the Oval Office, and doing something constructive instead of demanding more money from the working tax payers, they have no room to criticize.