Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Obama Photo Op Standing Over Our Dead Heros

This man is Evil. The press was banned. This was about the soldiers and their families was what the White House told the media. But then the White House releases this photo to the public. The Pentagon said they did not know the White House photographer was there, hidden in the shadows, since no media of any form was to be there.


In the mind of Obama and his White House handlers it was all about trying to C.Y.A. Obama's inept military leadership that resulted in this tragedy with a picture from THEM, not something embarassing but true from the press. They USED this event supposedly for our dead heros and their families to try to rebuild Obama's stature. Also, the return of America's heroes was to blacked out, with the press banned, to be a NON-EVENT. All of these dead troops under his command was not to be seen. Only a picture of Hussein Obama.

This man is sick, this man is evil.