Monday, August 15, 2011

No Speed Limit

Every now and then you have to just say "Adios" to your horses (Harley, Davidson, Diva, Princess) and take your fastest car out to the Texas Mile.

Where muscle cars love to play.

A little background on Texas Mile:

God, Honor, Country

We created The Texas Mile out of our own personal passion for motor sports and the desire to share this passion with others. Over the years, The Texas Mile has grown from a local venue to an internationally recognized "Must Attend" experience. We are honored and humbled by the personal stories that are shared with us and what The Texas Mile has come to mean to our participants, their families and our fans.

At our core is the Honor of God and Country.

We are able to deliver the wonderful experience of The Texas Mile because of:

•The amazing creation we have in this world
•The servant heart of all of those that help us conduct the events
•The ability each of us has to pursue "The American Dream" because of those that came before us and established this great country
•The ongoing sacrifice of our military personnel and their families that gives us the freedom to enjoy The Texas Mile and our other beloved national pastimes
•and the incredible participants and fans of The Texas Mile that take the time to share their personal stories and gratitude to our staff.

Texas Mile Website.