Wednesday, July 13, 2011

At the Amazon, Maria, Her Sisters, Her Mom

In Belem, Brazil, on the Amazon river. A lot of pictures and stories about the people, the place coming soon. Stories about the huge variety of fruit that comes out of the jungle, the beasts such as the Anacondas and their deadly legacy, the Indians and the river. Americanos being highly respected by the good people, prine targets for the criminal. The clash between affluent and poverty. Maria's family is both beautiful and very close. Maria is second from the right in the colorfull butterfly dress in this picture of her, her sisters and her mother other than for one sister who is still stateside (click the picture to enlarge). These women can COOK. One of them is a very accomplished Chef.

The people here are not very happy with the United States and the huge financial dilemma being caused by those currently in office. Once upon a time, relatives living and working in the US could send money to family here in Brazil and the US Dollar could be exchanged for 3 local "dollars". Now the US Dollar has fallen to half its previous value here. In other words, the mighty Dollar is now closer than ever to being worth the same as any second or third world currency on the global exchange.

What Obama and the Democrats are doing to the United States is complete and total madness and they must be held accountable.