Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Message to the "Elite"

As Hussein Obama of Kenyan descent continues to open the gates of our forts to the third world radicals to murder and kill our troops at home, this generation of America's people have finally begun to wake up. At a time on the heels of their sons and their daughters having in some cases given up their lives on the battle field against these same radicals, our sons and our daughters are now looking back from those same bloody battle fields to home and seeing their fellows being targeted, killed and massacred in the states. They are looking back and finding that Americans back home have allowed themselves to be fooled into electing people who do not honor the sacrifices made for the protection of our traditional way of life...

Politicians and Pundits had fallen lock-step behind America's first socialist President, but in one of the bluest states of this nation, a message was sent to these rubber stamp minions that the people are now coming after you. You are not the "elite", a label too often placed on you by talking heads in the media who want to consider themselves as co-"elites". There are no "elites" in Washington, DC. Too many people are refering to politicians and talking heads as "the elite", and for a short while they actually believed they were elite. But "Houston, we have a problem!"

In America, the "elite" are the PEOPLE. A nation of the people, for the people, by the people. In America, the people are the elite.

These socialists will try to repackage themselves before the November elections to try to keep thier positions which until recently they thought were their "positions of power" to "rule over the people". To try to shove THEIR policies down the throat of the people. But in their feeble minds and short memories these politicians found a rude awakening waiting for them when the people sent a man to Congress to tell them that those seats are not theirs. That those seats in Washington, DC, belong "To The People", are "For The People" and that unless they have forgotten, these politicians are there by "The Will of the People".