Sunday, July 12, 2009

On A Personal Note

I love conservative women. It is recorded in Biblical scripture that "Man is the glory of God, Woman is the glory of man."

Maria is my girl. Texan for the last 16 years after finishing an internship of living in Texas 7 years ;-), the daughter of a high ranking officer in the Brazilian military, speaks the beautiful language of Portuguese, a better CEO than I will ever be. Strong woman. Scary strong. Just like Palin, Pamela Geller, Michelle Malkin, Dcat, BG, Joanne, Carrie Prejean. Schooled in a Catholic school she has morals. If she has caught a person in a lie she will pull them off to one side and tell them she thinks they just lied in that passionate Brazilian way. If she thinks a person is weak, she does not hesitate to find a respectable place to pull them off to one side and lecture them about why it is important to be strong in life. She has no problem with one going behind closed doors and shedding a tear about stress in ones life but when that person gets out there on the playing field, they better not show weakness.

She is my right hand man. I have seen her fill the roll of executive expecting to see the employees not take this women serioulsy who one employee was asked by another employee, "I heard that rg's Maria is beautiful" to which the other employee replied "She is not beautiful. She is gorgeous." But a day later I was in awe. The employees treat me with "yeah he's the boss" attitude which is typical in any enterprise. But when Maria was filling in, they treated her with almost total reverence. They loved and respected her. In a days time she knew in detail what each employee's responsibilities were and Maria knew how each one was doing. The first chance I had to sit and watch her work with the employees who dropped by "the office", she gently and professionally talked to them about what their expectations were that day and the next day.

I see the power exuded by her, the women on the front lines of the battle for freedom in Iran, and on the home front in America's culture war by the women I mentioned above, and I gotta tell you something cowboys - we are proud of them and should give the girl 110% of our all - nothing less.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

25,000 to 35,000 Attend Dallas Tea Party

Michelle Malkin was there, too.

12:07 PM CDT on Sunday, July 5, 2009
By WENDY HUNDLEY / The Dallas Morning News

An estimated crowd of 25,000 to 35,000 people attended the Independence Day tea party at Southfork Ranch on Saturday, one organizer said.

While the official figures haven’t been tallied yet, Debbie Meyers said the bulk of the crowd arrived after 7:30 p.m. to avoid the heat of the day. The temperature reached a high of 101 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

“I was standing on the stage and couldn’t see the end of the people,” said Meyers, president of the event-planning business Bravo Entertainment.

The event had been billed as the largest tea party in the nation, and some organizers had said the crowd could reach 50,000.