Sunday, September 28, 2008

Murder Scene of Amina and Sarah Said

I will posting several installments of the murder scene of Amina and Sarah Said who were murdered by their father, Yaser Said. There will be many details posted about each area of the murder scene.

The above map was taken from Yahoo maps, as it shows the best topography of the murder scene. You may click on the map to get the large version of the map.

I will now provide an over all view of the area of the murders. Note that this is a good ways, possibly 10 miles from Lewisville, the home of the girls, and I am sure that they became concerned that he was driving that far away from Lewisville, towards the DFW International Airport area.

SCENE A This is an Irving Police sub-station that Yaser Said most likely drove past with his daughters still alive, just prior to the shootings at the nearby park. This sub station is the next building to the park area where the girls were shot. I am sure that when Sarah made the 911 phone call, she most likely felt help was only a moment away. The area A and B by the way is more like a rural area. There is water - a river and small lake, a lot of green meadows and trees block the view of the police sub-station from the park where the girls were shot. The distance between the parking area and the police station is about a quarter mile with only the lake, river, trees and meadows between them, however, no other buildings are between the park and the police sub-station along this drive called Riverside Drive.

B This is where the shootings happened. This is “Bird’s Fort Trail” park is entered by turning off of Riverside Drive and onto a short drive that drops down into a parking area of the park. There is nothing blocking the view of the parking area from Riverside Drive. If the shootings had occured during the day, drivers on Riverside Drive would have seen that event, but at night, the parking area was mostly dark. Next to the parking area is a covered, open on all sides picnic table facility which has a view of a small lake on this fork of the river. This is a new park and is a favorite site for joggers to park and jog on the jogging trail that runs along the river, and passes through this park. On January 1 after dark when it is rather cool outside, the trail would be vacant of joggers. There is a forest on the opposite bank of the river. Just beyond the trees on the opposite bank of the river is an outdoor shooting range. The trees block the view of the range from the park, but shots fired at the shooting range are very loud at this park and would easily be suspected by police at the substation near by or people driving by on River Side drive to be coming from the shooting range. The range is open after dark however this was on a holiday, January 1. When Sarah called 911, the call was traced to this area, but the police could not find anyone at this location by the time they arrived from the nearby sub station and officers on patrol.

C This is where Yaser abandoned his taxi. This is a VERY upscale hotel called the Omni Mandaley a block off of Riverside Drive on Las Colinas Blvd. Fox Network houses all of their people here when they come into Dallas to do Network shows such as COPS, NFL Football, etc., etc.. On January 1, you would not find very many people in the hotel, but until about 10PM, there are going to be taxis lined up at an area just out of view of the hotel's front entrance near the street.

GENERAL THOUGHTS As you can see by the map, this entire scene is within proximity of DFW International Airport, a few miles away, and the Omni Mandaley Hotel is a block from the on-ramp of a major freeway, highway 114, that would allow for a quick escape from the area. Even though the international airport is near by, this close proximity could be a decoy used by Yaser to make the authorities believe he left the country. Yaser did a lot of detailed planning of this scheme to murder his own daughters. I believe he was not alone in the planning of these murders. After all, new non-residential mail boxes were opened in Texas possibly by Yaser and in New York state by a close relative just prior to the murders, and Yaser did call a local relative asking to "meet for a cup of coffee" moments after the murders. That relative lives just south of DFW Airport in Arlington, TX.

I am sure that Yaser left B, the park and headed over to C, the hotel taxi queue immediately after his final shots killed Sarah as he found her on the phone with 911 dispatch, knowing that the police sub station was next door and that he now had to get out of the park fast and on over to area C for the escape. C where the hotel is and where the taxi was abandoned is about a mile and a half from the sub station, a little less than a mile from the park and Yaser has now parked his taxi containing the bodies of his daughters in the taxi queue. It is after dark, shortley after the 7:30 PM 911 call that Sarah made and his taxi is now not looking suspicious for a short while as it is part of the line of taxis at the Omni. This gives Yaser the opportunity to get away, even though I am sure that as he is leaving, most likely in the seat of another taxi, the nearest one he can find to get him out of the area, he saw police cars passing by to go to the park area.

NEXT INSTALLMENTS The next installments will provide details of each of the areas of the scene, including pictures of the areas and the people involved.