Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Critical Piece of Evidence


I will be posting the installment that focuses on a piece of critical evidence which I believe the location thereof is still at the park where the Sarah and Amina murders occurred and that piece of evidence will be discussed in detail. As soon as I get over a flu bug that is. I wanted to post that today but I am getting over a severe cold/flu bug. A good thing so now my anti-bodies are in place to protect me this winter and a flu shot is not required! :-)

If that piece of evidence is there, that would provide a clue as to where Yaser's general location is. I will explain in detail and will have images available at this blog on Friday.

I would like to make the comment threads welcome anyone who wants to discuss the possibilities as to where Yaser Said is and theories relative to any part of this murder. I will be inviting many people from around the world here to make comments.

I also am hoping that people can provide information that can definitively tie other members of the Said family to the murder of Sarah and Amina. The statute of limitations is unlimited when it comes to murder in Texas. The punishment is appropriately severe. I want to see those closest to Sarah and Amina who played key roles in facilitating their murders punished to the fullest extent as allowed under statutory laws of Texas and the United States applicable to felonies such as this.

If any of those people come here to comment, I suggest they seek legal council first, because what they say here will be used aggresively to secure their conviction.