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Texas Governor Signs Law Banning Sanctuary Cities

(Barrett, Travis and Crockett would be proud of our Law and Order "Tejas" Governor. Remember the Alamo. Tyranny stops at the Rio Grande.)

“Let’s be clear about something. We all support legal immigration. It helped to build America and Texas,” the governor said before signing the bill. “Legal immigration is different from harboring people who have committed dangerous crimes. This law cracks down on policies like the Travis County sheriff who declared she would not detain known criminals accused of violent crimes. Those policies are sanctuary city policies and won’t be tolerated in Texas.”

The bill, Senate Bill 4 by Senator Charles Perry (R-Lubbock), passed both chambers of the legislature before coming to Abbott’s desk for signature. The law will go into effect on September 1, 2017. This provides time for departments like the Travis County Sheriff’s Office to come into compliance.

Following the bill’s passage by the legislature, Travis County Sheriff “Sanctuary Sally” Hernandez expressed her displeasure with the new law. “I am disappointed because this is not in the best interest of public safety,” the sheriff wrote in a statement obtained by Breitbart Texas. It ties the hands of our law enforcement agency and pushes victims of crime into the shadows. While I hate seeing a state law like this come to pass, I have always followed the law and that will not change.”

Earlier this year, Travis County became the poster child for sanctuary cities when the sheriff led the nation in the first Immigration and Customs Enforcement Declined Detainer Outcome Report. That report revealed more than 70 percent of criminal aliens released nationwide after detainers were issued were in Travis County, Breitbart Texas reported.

Governor Abbott made the sanctuary city issue an emergency item for the Texas Legislature during his State of the State Address in January. The Texas Senate acted on the issue right away, passing SB4 in February. The bill went to the House where it sat until passage on April 27. The Senate confirmed the changes made by the House and sent the bill to Governor Abbott on May 3.

Texas attempted several times under then-Governor Rick Perry to pass sanctuary city legislation. The bill would pass one body of the legislature or the other but never both. This time, Governor Abbott was able to foster an environment whereby both chambers of the legislature could find their way through to final passage.

Following final passage, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick said, “In the past six years, criminal aliens have been charged with more than 566,000 crimes in Texas including kidnapping, homicide, burglary and much more. There is no excuse for endangering our communities by allowing criminal aliens who have committed a crime to go free.”

“SB 4 will ensure that no liberal local official can flaunt the law,” Patrick added.

Key provisions in the bill call for criminal and civil penalties for Texas Sheriffs and chiefs of police who fail to honor immigration detainers issued by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, Breitbart Texas reported. It also includes a provision that allows police officers to inquire about the immigration status of a person they have detained.

Abbott says this provision is vastly different than the Arizona law that requires police officers to check immigration status on people they encounter. The Texas law “allows officers to check” the immigration status but does not require it. He said this provision of the bill has been tested and upheld, even by the liberal justices on the Supreme Court.

The bill also provides that an elected official who refuses to comply with the law can be removed from office, fined, and even jailed. “They could end up in the same jail with the criminals they are trying to protect,” Abbott told Breitbart Texas in an interview following the signing.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Texas Wild Flower Season

Bluebonnets every where. Spring has Sprung!

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Amarillo By Morning

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Wait on the Lord... Be of Good Courage

Save your people, and bless your inheritance: feed them also, and lift them up for ever.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

American Heros

Friday, March 11, 2016

Justice, Peace, and Genuine Respect for People

Nothing Less Shall Be Acceptable.

Monday, February 1, 2016

The Murder of Robert Finicum

Local, State and Federal Officials will be charged With the murder of American Citizen Robert Finicum.

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends. John 15:13

UPDATE: We now know that at the initial stop Robert Finicum was being told to get out of the vehicle and as he looked out of the window of his vehicle he was shot at. He then told the others in the vehicle that they were out to kill them. So he took off hoping to make it to the Sheriff of the county, but encountered a road block. The road block was on a sharp curve and he went into the snow embankment to avoid hitting the road block and a spike strip. He exited the vehicle with his hands in the air. He was not reaching for a gun in a pocket, he was shot and his hand went down to the wound as a pain reflex and they continued to shoot him. Each and every person involved in the assassination of Robert Finicum, both federal and local WILL BE CHARGED WITH MURDER.

It is manslaughter to kill a man who does not have a gun in his hand pointed at a police officer. To shoot someone reaching into a pocket possibly for an ID or in LaVoys case a copy of his Constitutional Bill of Rights which he carries IS murder. (See UPDATE above for the reason his hand went down)

Me speaking as an ex-fire fighter in rural areas, if the Hammonds were attempting to do a controlled burn which many ranches do for brush and weed control, and it got out of control and burned adjacent property, that is NOT arson. It was an accidental situation that results in a fine.

To attempt to send a rancher to prison for an accidental burn is a tactic that a tyrant uses to destroy classes within society who usually vote against that tyrants political party and to steal property as part of a settlement which is what they made the patriarc sign.

The regime ambushed, jailed protesters and murdered a rancher from Arizona all who were presenting a grievance against the government. When the protesters began to successfully convince locals that their grievances were valid and were headed to another meeting with local citizens, the regimes assassin s ambushed the protesters to silence them. That is communism.

In the past one could contact an FBI agent with a phone call. Now you cannot do so. Now you get call center "operators" who demand you answer guest ions before you can speak to anyone. The regime is putting a wall between we the people and federal agents. That is so the agents only get input from the regime and not from the people.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Cowboy/Cowgirl Essential Constitutional Skills

Feds To Attempt to Take Texas and Oklahoma Ranches

Feds notify Ranchers along the Red River that they intend to lay claim to ranch land that has been privately owned for generations.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Monday, October 12, 2015

Man and Satan - The 8 Second Wars

Preparation. Preparação. Zubereitung. προετοιμασία. подготовка. 準備. 준비하기. إعداد

Saturday, September 12, 2015

September Nights

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Rule Number 1

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Message to Islamic Savages, Tyrants, Third World Socialist Apparatchics

They are all the same. There is not one dimes difference between one or the other.

They are all Godless barbarians.

They disdain free people and strive to get into positions of power in order to conquer and destroy freedom.

They attempt to lay claim to what they could never build. Everything they touch ends in ruin, whether it is Damascus or Detroit. They at times turn on each other like a pack of wild animals such as the shia vs the sunni vs isis vs anyone and everyone.

The presence of light and righteousness is an affront to darkness. Light is understanding and life, darkness is ignorance and death.

Tyranny has entered the capital in the belly of a Trojan Horse, has opened the gates of the fort for all the wild beasts and marauders to come and plunder, rape and murder the people.

The forces of the dark ages say "Go Forth" but we will also say "Go Forth" to the people of virtue who must be zealous for life, liberty, and are the true light that destroys the bacteria and disease that seeks death and destruction.

Come this 4th of July 2015 a great day of the Lord let us show the world a resolve not seen in some time that we the American people demand no less than Life, Liberty and Freedom.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

16 Southwest College Rodeo Teams...

... competed in the 50th annual Tarleton State University Rodeo in Stephenville, Texas. This is a taste of the action from the 2012 event. Incredible action last night.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Cherokee Woman

As you pass through downtown Dallas sometimes you will see an old grey haired Cherokee woman sitting on a bench feeding the pigeons at a certain location near a office of affairs for the Cherokee. An office I did not know existed until I introduced myself as a descendant of a Great Grandmother who was Cherokee.

My Great Grandmother married an Irish preacher, my Great Grandfather. My Grandfather looked every way like a Cherokee.

For a long time I never saw her around until the other day when I saw her again sitting on a bench feeding the pigeons in Downtown Dallas. The Cherokee will never die.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Poco Bueno

More about Waggoner Ranch.

Poco Bueno. The English translation reads, “pretty good.” It is a wishy-washy compliment for one of the most influential sires of the 1940s, ‘50s and ‘60s.

Foaled in 1944, Poco Bueno was by King P-234 and out of Miss Taylor. The plain brown colt did not possess his sire’s regal blood bay color, and he was a late bloomer.

In October of 1945, Hankins loaded the colt and some other horses, and hauled them to San Angelo, Texas. E. Paul Waggoner of the Waggoner Ranch bought the brown yearling for $5,700.

Waggoner shipped the stallion to his Three D Stock Farm in Arlington, Texas, and began showing Poco Bueno. The brown colt won several shows such as the Denver National Western Stock Show and Southwestern Exposition & Fat Stock Show.

Bob Burton broke the two-year-old to ride, but it was Pine Johnson who showed the brown stallion to cutting fame. Johnson took Poco Bueno to the toughest competitions, and the duo consistently raked in the prizes.

Waggoner then sent Poco Bueno back to the arena to earn his AQHA Champion title. The stallion earned the award at the same time as his daughter Poco Lena.

Poco Bueno sired 405 registered foals. Of these, 36 were AQHA Champions, and three are in the National Cutting Horse Association’s Hall of Fame: Poco Mona, Poco Stampede and the renowned Poco Lena.

Fagan once said, “To tell you the truth, Poco Bueno was the greatest horse I’ve ever been with, and I’ve been around a lot of them. He was easy to handle. Gentle. And smart. Nearly all his colts were the same way.”

The brown stallion died in 1969, and was buried standing up across from the ranch entrance. A four-ton granite marker marks the special spot.

Poco Bueno was inducted into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame in 1990.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Storied Waggoner Ranch For Sale Asking $725 Million

Ranch established by Cattle Baron W. T. Waggoner. The estate includes a 510,000-acre ranch spread over six North Texas counties, with two main compounds, hundreds of homes, about 20 cowboy camps, hundreds of quarter-horses, thousands of heads of cattle, 1,200 oil wells and 30,000 acres of cultivated land, according to Dallas-based broker Bernie Uechtritz, who is handling the sale along with broker Sam Middleton of Lubbock.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Great Give Away

Reid wanted to give Nevada to the Chinese. Obama wants to give Texas to the people of Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, etc.. Make my day.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Messing With Texas?

We don't like you laughing at what you are doing to our border...

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Back At The Ranch

The whole ranch had to shut down for a month for the World Cup games in Brazil on orders of Maria (right) and her Brazilian friends and relatives. Ok. Now back to normal!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Maria, business woman in Texas, born and raised on the Amazon River on a military installation in Northern Brazil, daughter of a Brazilian Military officer of Portuguese decent where she gets her blonde hair and jungle green eyes, her Latin skin color from her native Brazilian mother. My dream that came true.

(In the beautiful language of Brazilian Portugues) Maria, mulher de negócios no Texas, nascido e criado no Rio Amazonas em uma instalação militar no Norte do Brasil, filha de um oficial do exército brasileiro de decente Português, onde ela recebe seu cabelo loiro e os olhos verdes da selva, sua cor da pele Latina de sua nativa brasileira mãe. Meu sonho que se tornou realidade.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Texas Cowboy History Part 1

Texas Cowboy the late El Roy Ray (1939 - 2005)

Fortunately in Texas the rancher has the right to private property. Many Texas ranches spread over thousands of acres of range that they own. As you get further West unfortunately the land is claimed to be owned by the Federal Government. Bureaucrats in Washington, DC attempt to control that land. That can have a devastating impact on the rancher and the 300 million Americans the rancher provides beef to, especially in the western US.

Unless you choose to stand up, mount up, and ride.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

We The People

Protect and Defend: "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How To Drill For Oil

Good Luck!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Texas Guitar Slingers

In big cities in Texas such as Dallas were notorious world renowned guitar slingers. So lets head over to the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas and listen to the late Stevie Ray Vaughn, aka SRV.

As you will see below, notorious Texas guitar slingers could play with their hands behind their backs.

Friday, January 24, 2014

World Records Fall in 2013 in Stephenville, Texas

Cowboy and Cowgirl Mounted Shooting World Records Fall in Texas in 2013.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014! BRING IT!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Texas Night Sounds At the Ranch

Night time on a ranch way out in the back country of central and west Texas is a combination of deep darkness and at times deafening silence.

Occasionally during the night from about 10 pm until 3 am you will have a Mocking Bird singing all night. Drives the barn cats crazy. People say, what are barn cats. In large barns full of hay and feed, mice can populate rapidly eating up everything in sight. So you introduce cats as residents of the barns and the mice population diminishes rapidly. But if that is the environment they have known since being kittens, never let them in the house. They are as wild as bobcats.

Also, off in the distance as packs of Coyotes move through you will get this calamity of howls, the craziness of their howls make you wonder if they are insane: (for a little fun, if you have dogs in the area, turn up the volume and enjoy how they react)

During the winter in the coldest part of the night horse hoofs are heard thundering the ground as they run to warm their bodies against the cold. Of course cattle will moo especially if something alarms them. The same for the ranch dog.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Como La Flor

(A Texas rising Tejano star, Spanish for Texan, that died way too young, actually knew no Spanish and had to get friends to teach her so that she could target her audience of heratage.) Selena was born in Lake Jackson, Texas, as the youngest of three children born to a Mexican American father, Abraham Quintanilla, Jr. and a half-Cherokee Native American mother, Marcella Ofelia (née Samora). She was raised as a Jehovah's Witness. Selena began singing at age three. When she was nine years old, her father launched a vocal group consisting of several of his children, Selena y Los Dinos. They initially performed at a restaurant the family operated,[5] but went bankrupt soon thereafter. They moved to Corpus Christi, Texas, where they performed wherever they could - street corners, weddings, quinceañeras, and fairs. As Selena grew more popular, the demands of her performance and travel schedule began to interfere with her education. Her father took her out of school when she was in the eighth grade. At seventeen, she earned a high school diploma by the American School Program.

Selena was murdered at the age of 23 on March 31, 1995 by Yolanda Saldívar, the former president of her fan club. On April 12, 1995, two weeks after her death, George W. Bush, governor of Texas at the time, declared her birthday "Selena Day" in Texas. Warner Bros. produced Selena, a film based on her life starring Jennifer Lopez, in 1997. Selena's life was also the basis of the musical Selena Forever starring Veronica Vazquez as Selena. In June 2006 Selena was commemorated with a life-sized bronze statue (Mirador de la Flor in Corpus Christi, Texas) and a Selena museum opened there. She has sold over 60 million albums worldwide, making her one of the best-selling artists of all time. She is also the only female artist to have five albums in U.S. Billboard 200 at the same time. (Wikipedia)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Texas Memories

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Keep Home Sweet. Keep America Free.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Drones, Horse Flies, Texas Long Horns

Texas Long Horns ain't skeered of little things like drones or for that matter war ships. Having had to deal with horse flies and roving bands of savages, they adapt easily to the times.

University of Texas develop GPS spoofing device that takes over ships and drones

A team of student radio navigation researchers from the University of Texas has developed a “GPS spoofing device” that allows an attacker to take control of a ship’s navigation system.

The UT students successfully hacked a GPS navigation system and took control of a ship’s course.

Their test has exposed a serious potential security threat to everything from ocean liners to oil tankers.

The UT team tested their GPS spoofing device in June on an $80 million 213-foot yacht in the Mediterranean Sea. They were able to change the course the mega-yacht without anyone on the ship knowing.

Students, acting as attackers or hackers, were able to send fake GPS signals to the ship’s civilian navigation system and change its course.

The GPS spoofing device is stealthy. It created a “ghost ship” on the ship’s GPS screen. The ghost ship fools the crew into believing that the ship is on it’s proper course, when in reality the ship is moving in a different direction.

The GPS spoofing device reasearch is bring led by assistant professor Todd Humphreys from the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics at the Cockrell School of Engineering.

“The ship actually turned, and we could all feel it, but the chart display and the crew saw only a straight line,” Humphreys told the Cockrell School of Engineering’s website.

Drones are also at risk. Last year Humphrey and his team used similar technology to take over a UAV.

Monday, June 17, 2013


The home of the only nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly facility in the country, the Strategic Air Command B-52 Stratofortress wing, V-22 Osprey hybrid aircraft assembly plant and a center for cattle production ranches.

Monday, April 22, 2013

West, Texas Explosion - Why The Volunteers Chose to Die

(McClennan County Sheriff talks about the explosion)
Why the West, Texas volunteer firefighters chose death clearly knowing a major explosion was about to happen...

Small town, rural volunteer firefighters are very different compared to paid metropolitan firefighters. I know. Because I was one. My first fire was a huge, roaring oil well fire. My first medical emergency was a heart attack victim who was so far away from our small town out in the sticks, he was stone cold dead by the time we got there. I was 16 when I started, the youngest age allowed by our small town department to be eligible for serving. Stuff we saw and did on a daily basis was a real eye opener. We covered 900 square miles, and at least 9 other small communities, industries, remote areas of heavily traveled interstate, oil fields, rivers and lakes where drownings were an annual thing, as well as providing backup for departments on the outer fringe of our areas of responsibility.

You did not have fire hydrants. You rolled big tankers that 1 hose putting 90 to 120 gallons a minute out onto a huge fire would drain a 3000 gallon tanker in 20 minutes. You didn't have enough water to just stand back and spray water on it until it finnaly died out. We had to learn how to knock a fire down fast with as little water as possible. A very hot process. But if you learned how to do it, you could literally walk through a fire, exiting the other side with only steam rising up around you, most of the fire now just smoldering embers.

You did not have streets in many places. The only way to get to a burning field or forest or to an injured person tangled up in farm equipment was to have an off road rig. Some departments utilized military 6 bys, but we knew during the windy season those were too slow and after rains they easily stuck in the mud up to their axles. High winds can send flames skipping across the country side like stones skipping across a pond. You had to have a 4 wheel drive rig that could outrun those flames while at the same time knocking them down. We built our own off road trucks that were light and fast but still carried 500 gallons of water.

But most importantly being so far out in the middle of no where you had to know how to keep people alive who were injured and close to death until you could get them to a far and distant medical facility, sometimes driving up to 100 miles an hour on an open highway that had little traffic. If you didn't your pateint could be DOA (dead on arrival, dieing right in front of you. Being a small town where you knew everyone, DOAs were hard to stomach.

If you could do all of the above, you were an accomplished fire fighter like no other. And you didn't get a dime for your time. You were volunteer.

But the ultimate sacrifice by volunteers usually does not occur way out in the middle of no where. Life was most dangerous in town.

The majority of volunteers live close a small community firestation. If the young volunteers focus on training and effectively communicating to the community what the material needs who in turn provide material support to the fire protection effort, loyalty and a sense of secure public safety is established. Well trained and well equiped volunteers can run circles around paid departments because they know the occupants of a business, home, or auto requiring their help and they will do whatever it takes to protect the people of thier community.

Houses, buildings, and vehicles can be replaced. If a life is lost, that life cannot be rebuilt. Even volunteer firefighters will back off to protect thier own lives if they know no other lives are in danger. But if the lives of people who cannot protect themselves from a catastrophic lethal threat are at risk, they will put thier own lives in danger to protect the lives of others in thier community.

Prior to the massive explosion that took out the entire on site volunteer units people in a nearby home for the elderly, houses and apartments were being evacuated. Given enough time and knowing that everyone in the outer areas were evacuated, the volunteer unit would have backed out also. But there was no time left, and even though these people died, the people they were trying to protect did not.

Mission accomplished. God Bless West.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Picture This (Texas Wild Flowers)

When you are stressed out, in a hurry, too much to do, take just a moment, close your eyes and picture this...

Maria and I were running late this morning, both frustrated with one of the cars greeting us with a flat tire in the drive way, we were already a full hour behind schedule. As we were both pulling out of the driveway after fixing the tire, Maria suddenly saw flowers beginning to poke thier heads up from the ground already starting to bloom.

She stopped her car, got out, and as if she had all the time in the world, sat down next to the flowers and quietly pulled the weeds from around each of them. After a few moments of being lost in another beauriful world of peace and heavenly beauty, she stood up, got back into her car and went on her way to just another busy day. Even though she was already late, she knew she saw a once in a year, special moment, and had time to witness the birth of another spring. She wasn't about to miss it either.

No matter how busy you are, take a moment to smell the roses along the way...

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ladies Night, Tejano Style

Gives true meaning to the legendary fiercely independent spirit of the Texas Tejano.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring Roundup and the Cattle Call

You only live once. Which reminds me, do you want to be the cowboy, or a part of the herd, the cow. In life, it is YOUR call. No one else to blame --- for now.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

National Guard vs DHS - Articles of Impeachment

It is now my understanding that the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) is releasing 10,000 illegals who are classified as criminals back into society. DHS established very recently, in 2001, is clearly now being groomed and used as Obama's personal brigade to punish America domestically when things don't go his way politically.

State Governors have the power to call up their units of the National Guard. It is their responsibility to therefore call up their units to:
1) Apprehend individuals in this country illegally starting with those just released by the DHS who are known criminals.
2) Articles of Impeachment are to be authored and filed against this President.
3) Eric Holder arrested and prosecuted for Accessory to Murder for the murders of Border Patrol agents at the hands of Cartel hit men who were supplied those weapons by Eric Holder
4) DHS disbanded and ICE and the Border Patrol placed back under the Justice department.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Take Down

Friday, February 15, 2013